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Mobile Cardiac Monitoring can provide a variety of benefits to the hospital, physician, patients and facility.


This opportunity for your facility can substantially improve patient retention, a critical component to maintaining profitability in today’s healthcare landscape.This improves the quality of life for your patient, eliminates a premature or unnecessary discharge, and mitigates the need for bed-hold reserves.


Our monitoring equipment is comprised of the latest word in Cardiac Monitoring. Both extremely effective and easy to use,  we use only the best technology to ensure that patients are constantly under cardiac supervision, and all possible events are brought to attention immediately.


We provide your facility with the equipment and supplies necessary, on behalf of the patient, to prescribe and administer our advanced cardiac monitoring. Our technical team will set up everything your clinical team needs to better serve your patients.


  • Dual modality: Auto detection and patient activated
  • Weekly Summary and End of Session Reports with AFib burden, heart rate histogram and arrhythmia statistics (on request)
  • Extended ECG analysis surrounding any episode (on request)
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Full Disclosure – Up to 30 days of full disclosure ECG, allowing physicians to understand the early symptoms and etiology of arrhythmias and determine therapeutic options
  • 24-hour coverage – Our  monitoring centers guarantee clinical availability 24 /7/ 365 days a year
  • Increased Diagnostic Yield – Mobile Cardiac Telemetry is significantly more effective than standard event and Holter monitors
  • Technician Monitored – Physicians are notified of cardiac events


  • Weekly, episode, urgent and end-of-session reports
  • 24-hour heart rate trend report
  • Daily average heart rate and compliance
  • Daily AF burden derived from readable data
  • Physician “Narrative”
  • Number and duration of episodes
  • Daily arrhythmia percentage
  • ECG strips correlate to baseline, daily, or manual recording and physician notification